Hello! This page lists some integrations that I wrote to the awesome Slack. They are also listed on the Slack integrations page.

  1. 1. Slack Draw

    A Google Chrome extension to draw on Slack and share the drawings with the team.


  2. 2. Slack Webistrano

    A Ruby On Rails plugin for Webistrano to send deployment updates to Slack channels.


  3. 3. Slack Rails Continuous Integration

    A Git hook (Bash script) that runs the test suite of a Ruby On Rails application after each commit and posts the result on a Slack channel - basically, a continuous integration solution cheaper than Travis (but not so good).


  4. 4. Slack Issue Tracker Parser

    A Google Chrome extension to turn issue tracker numbers into links. For example, you can configure it to turn issues numbers (e.g.: #1234) into links to the issue on your instance of Redmine, Mantis, etc.


  5. 5. Slack Timezone Converter

    An integration for Slack that converts any time string in a message to all timezones where the team is. It runs as a software on a server listening for new messages.